Front Desk Drama

Reach out and SMACK someone!

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Despite what you may have heard, being a receptionist is NOT, I repeat, NOT an easy job!

This is a community for those who give their time and energy working as receptionists, or in PC terms, "front desk administators" in their offices. Got pushy employess that think you should know what is happening at EVERY given moment? Tired of messengers drooling all over you whenever they deliver a package? Had with the rude folks who call in day after day who shouldn't be given the priviledge of using a phone? Wish you could clone yourself every time someone has asked you to "track someone down" or "stick a note under someone's nose?" Want to beat that sickening sweet telemarketer trying to toner-scam ya with your own headset?

Well, my friend, you are welcome here.

As an added bonus, we also are opening our doors to those poor phone reps who have to deal with just as much asinine crap in regards to people who should not be allowed 10 feet near the receiver. Come on in! You are our phone brethren!

The only rules are that everyone play nice and no flaming. We have enough crap to deal with in a day without going at each other. Also, because some of us might post from the office when we need to vent, PLEASE make all posts SFW (safe-for-work for those not on Fark.com enough). Anyone not abiding by these rules will be banned.

Hey, somebody's gotta be the Alpha Bitch around here.

This community is moderated by g33k_gawdess, AKA The Smart Ass Receptionist of Huey, Dewey & Louie, formerly Dewey, Cheatum & Howe and customers_suck, another great community to air your rage.
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